Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t need any experience to get started. We offer an intro class that is designed for the person with little or no experience. There is very little contact and we focus on all the fundamentals that you need to get going.

No. In fact, most of our members are not interested in fighting. There are a variety of reasons that people want to train including: self-defense, fitness, gaining self-confidence, and the most important one is it’s fun.

No. The spirit of martial arts was, and still is in this gym, to empower the “weaker” and give them the tools they need to lead a better life. That wouldn’t be very easy if we drove them away when they first come in.

You don’t need to be in shape. Our intro program moves at a pretty slow pace and gives everyone the time they need to get the hang of it. Everyone is allowed to learn at their own pace.

Anyone is free to join the advanced class when they feel comfortable in doing so. We recommend that everyone start in the intro class to get the feel and atmosphere of the gym. The advanced class moves at a little faster pace and the technique is more advanced. The advanced class also includes sparring and live wrestling and some people need some time to get used to it.

Nothing outside of what you would normally see in any other physical activity. We train hard but fun and safety are major concerns. No one likes being hurt.

Everyone’s life is different. I personally put a very high value on being able to defend myself and the ones I care about as well as being physically fit. You will always make time for the things that you place value on. Our classes are very organized and structured so that the time that you spend here will be dedicated to your training.

No. Flexibility and coordination can be trained. Also, every body type has pluses and minuses. You just need to find the style that fits your body.

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